Maldives The Good and Bad

Many travel sites have been suggesting that the Maldives is one of the “in” places to spend a tropical vacation. One travel blogger from spends some time in the Maldives after numerous suggestions from readers and she has these to say:

The superficial – “The Maldives… is a bit like most Miss America contestants–absolutely stunning on the outside, though not a whole lot of substance to them when you dig deep.” While the Maldives is one of the most beautiful places on earth, its awesomeness ends on its setting. “There’s nothing else spectacular about the Maldives other than the setting,” the blogger added.

Economy service – A common complaint among travelers who have been to the Maldives is that the service leave much to be desired even among high-end hotels. “We stayed at the Six Senses, which goes for $ 800+/ night and the service was good, though at no point great, as opposed to the incredible service we received in India.”

The seclusion – Most resorts in the Maldives are located on secluded islands, so you are basically stuck with that island during your vacation.

Luxe price – It does not come as a surprise that prices for everything in the Maldives are crazy high. For instance, an hour’s worth of massage costs $ 200; a surf-and-turf dinner buffet is $ 150+/ person; even a glass of orange juice costs $ 15.

Although the Maldives is one of the most beautiful places on earth, the blogger wrote that it “lacks substance.” The blogger recommends the place for diving, swimming in crystal-clear water, and laying on the beach. “Just expect to pay dearly for it and to not have your expectations too high as far as service and other activities go.”

Source: USA Today
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