Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper Hawk Model

Camping trailers can be really expensive, but there is an alternative way to camp out on wheels. Pop-up campers, for instance, can be placed on top of pick-up trucks, converting your vehicle into a mobile trailer for a fraction of a price of traditional trailers.

Four Wheel is one of the most popular pop-up camper companies with its variety of sizes and features that are affordable to most mobile campers. The Hawk is one of its most popular models as it is built to fit most truck sizes, all while wider than many of Four Wheel’s models. It also comes packed with the comforts of outdoor living, such as a sink, stove, refrigerator, a couch that doubles as a slide out bed, and an optional porta potti.

The Hawk is lightweight, with its base model tipping the scale at just 735 pounds. Its low profile design makes the thickness of the cab-over at only 10 inches while in down position. When popped up, the head room measures 6 feet 6 inches. This camper can accommodate up to four adults.

Campers love the strength of The Hawk, as its patented Easy-Lift roof system can carry up to 1,000 pounds of snow while in the up position. The all-welded aluminum flex frame can withstand the toughest off-road driving conditions.

If there is one complaint about The Hawk model, that would be the lack of an indoor shower option. There is, however, an outdoor shower package.

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